Areas of practice

Longtime experience, team counselling, strategic management of complex projects – that’s how we support you.

Areas of practice

Legal advice in a team

Our legal support in the environmental and energy sectors typically involves the coordination with authorizing agencies, local authorities and governmental departments in preparing and accompanying administrative decisions, permits and planning approvals. Usually our work is an integrated part within a team of commercial advisers, project managers, lawyers, technical consultants and scientists. Even more, based on our extensive legal expertise and experience, we are increasingly entrusted with the strategic management of complex projects. This includes the coordination of entire teams of consultants from various disciplines (Technical, Tax, Management, Business Administration, various legal areas).

Forensic activities

When consensual options are exhausted, it may be necessary to contest or defend legal positions e.g. authorization titles, development titles, entitlements for grid connection and utilization, contractual claims, but also to defend our clients against illegal, colliding plans or projects. In case of third party remedies against permits and approval decisions we defend the interests of our clients as holders of such permits and approvals, often side by side with the competent public authority. Our forensic activities include all instances of the administrative jurisdiction, district and higher regional courts and the Cartel Panel of the Federal Court.

Support in legislation

Furthermore we are specialized in accompanying and supporting our clients in legislative processes. Environmental and energy law, the focus of our expertise, are a hotspot of legislation in the 21st century. We combine the relevant legal expertise to legally implement political objectives with the experience needed to launch proposals into the political process.

Legal project support

We possess longstanding advisory experience in our areas of expertise, acquired through numerous large scale industrial, power-generating and infrastructural projects and the accompanying project management. We have dealt with a vast array of special issues, which arise with the construction and operation of such plants and projects, for example contracts concerning the use of infrastructures or the supply of energy (electricity, gas, heat), regulatory issues and public financing. Regularly we consult with and act for the project developer, operator or the responsible authorities. Frequently we accompany projects from the early planning until commissioning and even during operation.


Compliance with legal requirements has become a key issue of enormous importance for those in charge of companies and organisations. In particular, environmental and regulatory compliance have gained widespread public awareness and require particular management attention.

We support in implementing compliance structures and systems in our areas of expertise together with top and middle management.


In past years mediation has proven to be an effective means of improving processes and settling disputes with authorities and between business partners, but also within the company or a team.

Our firm’s lawyers have successfully contributed to mediation processes in recent years.

Assisting in processes involving public participation

Our practise in accompanying approval processes and the competent authorities that manage complex administrative procedures involving public participation are characterised by facilitating and accomplishing constructive collaboration between public authorities, project developers, stakeholders and affected third parties. Here we do not only act as legal advisors but also contribute to transparency and acceptance thereby success and efficiency.

Managing complex administrative procedures – legally secure/binding decision

Our work for licensing authorities, dealing with complex administrative procedures involving public participation, is also characterized by a constructive cooperation between authorities, project investors and stakeholders. Here, we can not only act as legal advisers, but also contribute to a transparent process that is built on acceptance and understanding, and thus to a successful and efficient procedure.

Based on our experience from numerous planning permissions and approval procedures for major projects, which we have accompanied for project investors and authorities, we can guarantee the legal certainty of final decisions. The completion of evaluation process and templates for the final decision of the authorities in complex contexts, is one of our core competencies, which we regularly terminate within a few weeks, independently of whether we have accompanied the process in total or not.