Areas of practice

Longtime experience, team counselling, strategic management of complex projects – that’s how we support you.

Areas of practice

Legal advice in a team

Legal support in the area of environment and energy typically includes involvement in a team of project managers, business people, lawyers, technical consultants and natural scientists as well as preparation and support of coordination with authorities, municipalities and ministries.

Based on our legal expertise and experience in such teams, we are increasingly entrusted with the strategic management of complex projects. This includes the coordination of entire teams of consultants from different disciplines (technology, taxes, business administration and various fields of law).

Forensic activities

Once consensual options have been exhausted, it can be necessary to take or defend legal positions, such as claims for permits, claims for public equalisation or compensation, development claims, grid connection or usage claims, claims arising from infrastructure contracts and defence against illegal conflicting plans or projects.

The distribution of approval decisions plays an increasingly important role, which is carried out side by side with the accused authorities.

Our forensic activities relate to the administrative courts of all instances, the regional and higher regional courts as well as the cartel senate of the Federal Court of Justice.

Support in legislation

Our core area also includes support and assistance in legislative proceedings. Our areas of expertise are at the centre of political debate and legislation in the 21st century. We have the necessary legal expertise for the implementation of political goals, but also the necessary experience to bring them into processes of political opinion-forming.

Legal project support

We have extensive consulting experience in the areas of our expertise from numerous major industrial, power plant and infrastructure projects, including accompanying project management. We deal with numerous specific issues arising in the operation of such facilities, such as contracts for the use of infrastructure or the supply of energy (electricity, gas, heat), regulatory issues and public sector financing. We regularly advise and represent project developers, operators or the responsible authorities, in many cases from the start of a project to the commissioning of the plants and beyond. We work throughout Germany and in other European countries where there is a connection to German administrative responsibility.


Reliable compliance with legal requirements is of particular importance for managers in companies and organizations. In recent years, environmental and energy law has gained public awareness and requires particular management attention.

Together with those responsible in companies and based on existing compliance structures, we develop reliable compliance systems for the special areas we advise.


Mediation is often an effective way to improve processes and settle disputes within a company or a team and also between several companies.

In recent years, lawyers from our firm have been able to successfully participate in mediation processes, also in corporate areas outside our legal expertise.

Managing complex administrative procedures – legally secure/binding decision

Our work for approval authorities that have to cope with complex administrative procedures with public participation is also characterised by a constructive cooperation of authorities, project developers and affected parties. Here, we can not only be legal advisors, but also contribute to a transparent, successful and efficient process that is oriented towards acceptance and understanding.

Based on our experience from numerous planning approval and approval procedures for major projects, which we have accompanied for project developers and authorities, we can guarantee the legal security of final decisions. The production of process evaluations and templates for the official final decision in complex contexts is one of our core competences, which we produce within a few weeks on a regular basis and regardless as to whether we accompanied the process as a whole.